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Full day Visual Arts Workshops

Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta
9103 - 95 avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 1Z4
Phone : (780) 461-3427


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School year/Age

Kindergarten to Grade 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)

Fine Arts

School subjects (secondary)

Social studies

Links with the curriculum

Workshops can be personalized as much as possible to match the curriculum or the needs and requests of the school.


Workshops are available during the school year. 

Number of participants

Up to 25 participants. If more than 25 participants are registered, prices will be adjusted.


Workshops are designed to be offered for a period of 6 hours. 


6 heures: $550

Prices include artist fees and art supplies. Workshops are based on a group of 25 students.

The price of in classroom workshops will vary.


These workshops can be adapted for all grades. Each different grade uses increasingly complex techniques.Taught by professional artists, the workshops are offered at the gallery located in Edmonton (9103 - 95 Avenue). These workshops can be taught in your school but additional fees for the artist travelling expenses and material are applicable. The school will also have to provide a computer for the PowerPoint presentation.

(art, French, social studies, religion, theatre)
These four workshops are all separate and distinct, they come from the four corners of the world!

- Noh (Japan)
Noh is a dramatic art that has existed in Japan for hundreds of years. Students will make full face plaster masks, using one partner as the model, and will decorate these masks in the style of a traditional Noh character. 

- Commedia dell’Arte (Italy)
Students will start with half-masks made of plastic and cover them with bands of paper soaked glue. While the masks are drying, they will work together to create and rehearse a short play they can perform together.

- African Masks
Students will learn the rituals and beliefs surrounding these masks and will have the opportunity to make their own masks. They may decorate the masks to emulate the styles of different regions.

- Spirit Masks (Inuit)
The masks and puppets made by Inuit people have always been full of meaningful symbols. To design their own masks, students will choose symbols and experiences that have been important in their lives.


- Puppets and theatre (art, French, science, social studies)
Students will conceive the outline of a story and will choose the characters. They will make puppets out of a sculptable polymer clay and write the dialogue for a play.

- Hand Made Paper (art, French, science, social studies)
Students will learn about making paper in order to create two or three projects. They will create a paper sculpture using paper pulp on twisted wire.

- Inuit Art (art, French, science, social studies)
Inuit soap stone sculptures are world renown. Students will learn the basic technique using soap bars to create a sculpture imitating the Inuit style. They will also make an inukshuk out of clay.

- Canadian Aboriginal Art (art, French, science, social studies)
Students will create a drawing of a totem with watercolour pencils, they will use cardboard and paper strips to create masks, and they will also decorate a small bag made of leather with beadwork.




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