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Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site
Site 127 Comp 6 RR4, Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 2A4
Phone : (403) 845-2412


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(Rocky Mountain House)

School year/Age

All ages

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Social studies

Links with the curriculum

Grades 1 & 2: Program offers insight into on cultural diversity, human geography, and physical geography during 76 years of trade at Rocky Mountain House and highlights historical communication methods.

Grades 4 & 5: Students learn about and re-create history as members of the Hudson's Bay Company, North West Company, and Aboriginal trading parties. They explore cultural heritage, language, and perspectives of these groups through role-play, historic objects, and archaeological sites. 

Grades 7 & 8: Students learn and experience the challenges faced by David Thompson 200 years ago. Students will appreciate the influence of diverse Aboriginal, French, and British peoples on events leading to the Confederation and the challenges of co-existing among peoples.



From October 1 to May 9, Closed 
From Mai 10 to Septembre (every day) From 10 am to 5 pm.
From September 3 to 29 (Thursday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm
From September 30 to December 31: Closed 


Number of participants

Grades 1/2: 20 students per interpreter.

Grades 4/5 & 7/8: 25 students per interpreter. 


Grades 1 and 2 : 2 hours

Grades 4 and 5: 2.5 hours

Grades 7 and 8: 3 heures


Program Fee: 

Site Entrance Fee:


Rocky Mountain House…the forts are gone but the name remains. This is a story of trade, exploration and competition, but above all it is a story of people!

In 1799 the North West and Hudson’s Bay companies set up rival posts at the end of the fur trade line on the North Saskatchewan River. Competition for trade was fierce at Rocky Mountain House, and during its 76-year history, nine different Aboriginal cultures came here to trade. Explorer, fur trader and mapmaker, David Thompson used the North West Company post as a base for finding a pass across the Rocky Mountains.

Today, Parks Canada protects the archaeological remains of four trading posts while presenting the site’s history.




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