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Choose Your Voice

F.A.S.T - Fighting Antisemitism Together

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Grade 6 to 8

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French as a First Language
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Social studies

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Educational kit

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The kit is linked to the Alberta curriculum.


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The "Choose Your Voice" educational kit provides teachers with the tools that they need to help students become familiar with the dangers of hatred and stereotypes, and to find their voice against them. It encourages students not to be bystanders or perpetrators of anti-Semitic or racist acts, but rather to be heroes who oppose these actions. 

The kit contains four lesson plans, prepared by a team of teachers, dealing with prejudice. Each lesson contributes to a better understanding of how we construct stereotypes and the ways in which prejudices and misunderstandings have contributed to our past and our present in Canada. Each lesson is accompanied by data sheets on incidents specifically related to the objectives of the lesson.

The kit also contains a DVD which presents a strong case about the dangers of anti-Semitism and racism. It also contains a presentation and four segments each corresponding to one of the lessons of the kit. These four lessons are flexible and can be taught individually or in groups. The material can also be adapted to other grade levels. The guide aims to highlight the links between misperceptions, fears and prejudices. Examples from the experience of some minority groups such as Jews, Muslims, Asians and Sikhs First Nations illustrate the themes.

The Four Lessons

Lesson 1: “Bursting” the Voices of Stereotyping
This lesson is designed to teach students the concept of stereotyping, enabling them to understand how powerful and hurtful stereotyping is to everyone.

Lesson 2: Voices from the Past?
This lesson focuses on episodes in Canada’s past that involved racism and antisemitism; students learn that hateful acts involve victims, bystanders and perpetrators.

Lesson 3: Voices from the Present?
This lesson helps students develop awareness of recent antisemitic and racist incidents, and to understand the components of a hate crime.

Lesson 4: Choose Your Voice
This lesson moves from history into action; students identify strategies for responding to prejudice and hate-filled incidents so that they can move toward a culture of peace.




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