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Ta parole est en jeu - Discover Canada's Francophonies

Université de Moncton / Office National du film du Canada



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The French language is rich and diverse. TA PAROLE EST EN JEU allows you to discover the colors, the accents, the peculiarities and everything that makes it possible for meetings and exchanges. TA PAROLE EST EN JEU is the beginning of a story from which we now see only the first chapter. Discover in this chapter a series of six games on words, expressions, places of the Francophonie, and at the same time discovers people, accents and historical facts of French Canada!

Five of the six games offered are immediately accessible to registered and connected players. The general public can play the game only DEFINED, on a trial basis. You have to register and log in to discover all the features and benefits of the site. TA PAROLE EST EN JEU (especially points, friends and jokers).

Only the game DÉFINIS-TOI remains blocked as long as a player has not reached level 3 in the other five games. Play DÉFINIS-TOI is played using one of the five previous games. This is a good way to progress in the overall standings and check what you have learned from the other games.

Subscribe to TA PAROLE EST EN JEU and invite your friends. Use your friends as a joker to gain more points and progress in the community. And discover the French Canadian universe in this site which is only the beginning of a great adventure.




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