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Plays on social skills

Atelier Bleu M'ajjjiiik
173 rue Gariépy, Lévis, QC G6K 1M5
Phone : (418) 831-3774


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School year/Age

Kindergarten to Grade 6

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)

Health and Life Skills

School subjects (secondary)

Fine Arts
Social studies

Teaching materials

Educational guides, complementary educational activity journal or booklet, documents for parents.

Links with the curriculum

Students will be aware of the impacts of their actions and their words in the everyday life at school and in the community. They will have the tools to resolve conflicts and feel better about themselves.They will develop perseverance, empathy and respect.


The performances are done in a gym or in a room chosen by the school. The space required is 10 meters X 10 meters. The same amount of space must be added for the students. All equipment is provided by the Atelier Bleu M'ajjjiiik .


Tours in Alberta are generally done in October and spring.

Number of participants

+ or - 135 students per show


Set up : 2 hours
Take down: 2 hours
Show: 60 to 70 minutes


To be determined according the needs of the school


Strong from 27 years of experience in Francophone and immersion schools throughout Canada, the Bleu M'ajjjiiik workshop offers a way to approach personal motivation in students or behaviour in groups, through the use of theatre.

Each show has an interactive component, allowing students to internalize the theme of the play, to find, on their own, favourable attitudes and to bring solutions to conflicts.

Documents for teachers, students, and parents are provided for each of the shows. The five shows offered are:

"Quand tu vois rouge" (WHEN YOU SEE RED) To counter bullying.

A youngster endures freely the verbal and physical attacks from a few classmates. We then see his reactions, his feelings, his powerlessness and his disarray. We also look to the effects and causes of these situations, as well as the ways of reacting when faced with bullying, to group phenomena, to insecurity and to power.

"Les règlements à l'école, vaut mieux en rire que d'en pleurer" (SCHOOL RULES: IT’S BETTER TO TAKE THEM LAUGHING THAN CRYING) On the rules of life, for better group life.

Lateness, roughhousing, responsibilities, neatness, politeness, respect, and many other aspects of everyday life are explored in a dynamic, powerful and humorous manner to raise children’s awareness of the necessity of basic rules at school. Sustaining basically, that the rules of life are everywhere, different consequences are raised demonstrating the need to establish and observe basic laws founded on the respect of group life. Student participation is largely solicited.

"Face à face" (FACE TO FACE) On the respect of one and other’s differences.

Ariane boasts a confrontational attitude and easily ridicules all who are different. She affiliates herself to a group of students her age who impose their laws and dictate to all how they should be. But little by little, she feels stuck in this dangerous power; no longer free to assert herself. She is dragged through a blur of restrictions, prejudices and conflicts. She then realizes that she must adopt a more open attitude that will allow her to accept who she is, to become welcoming to others and allow all to be enriched by their differences.

"Ce n'est pas de ma faute" (IT’S NOT MY FAULT) On rights and responsibilities.

Emilie and Vincent are child-kings. They worry very little about the effect of their behaviour at school and at home. They do not hold their promises, are demanding, irresponsible, and manifest little to no empathy for others. Their stubbornness at times brings them results, but over time, it turns against them. The two protagonists will then be confronted to become aware of their wrongdoings and to reflect on the important values of helping others, empathy and justice.

"Il y a du moi là-dessous" (THERE IS SOME OF ME UNDER THERE) On self-esteem.

A child of today, living in an high paced era of consumerism and of ease believes he will become rich, handsome and famous without any effort. He is rapidly disillusioned by a more realist friend who entices him to develop the joy of self empowerment to reach one’s goals. A step by step effort will need to be made but with perseverance, he manages to improve himself and to obtain results. This makes him proud and gives him hope for the future.




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