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Peetch - Collaborative stories

MAME, 49 Boulevard Preuilly, 37000 TOURS, FRANCE


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Through a fun and educational online tool, we want children to learn French at first, then second languages . Peetch is a collaborative and fun writing exercise for a time of sharing between students. The first principle is to build stories of all themes in several classrooms and outside.


It is essential for the proper functioning of our service to have a teacher supervisor and student. Also our tool is online, so the class can work on any type of media (computer, tablet or smartphone) connected to the internet.


Our beta version is currently available for free, subscriptions are still being created.


Reading and writing while having fun! Peetch is a digital platform that helps students create collaborative stories. 

By using Peetch in primary schools, students can learn to read and write by crating stories all together! In fact, Peetch helps kids learn the narrative structure or tale writing thanks to the predefined themes which correspond to the expected skills in primary schools. Peetch also allows students to be easily initiated to digital tools while having fun. 

By using Peetch in secondary schools, students can learn foreign languages by collaborating with kids from all around the world! Peetch offers teachers a playful digital media adapted to foreign language learning. The aspiring writers can collect the fruit of their labour by receiving a book with their creations. 

How it works?

1) The teacher gives guidelines (characters, places, context...)
2) The teacher and students choose the length, style and title of the story.
3) Led by the platform, students write, by themselves or in groups, the story one by one.
4) The teacher corrects and follows the progression of each student.
5) When the story is finished, it's available everywhere and anytime!




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