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Smart Start 4U

Smart Start 4 U



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Calgary and area

School year/Age

Grade 1 to 6

Language level

French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Health and Life Skills

School subject (secondary)

Physical education

Teaching materials

Teacher binder that includes lessons, exercise cards, activities and online resources.

Links with the curriculum

Links to the Health and Lifeskills program of study for grades 4 to 6, although the program could easily be adapted for grades 1 to 3. Written program only available in English at the moment. Workshops available in French and English.

Number of participants

One class or school staff (20 to 40 participants)


Workshops: 1 hour, 1/2 day, or full day.
Teacher Manual: Program lasts 4 months at 1 class/10 days


1 hour: $150
1/2 day: $300
Full Day: $500

Teacher Manual: $150
Supplemental Exercise Card: $25


Smart Start 4U is a pick-up and go Curriculum Based Health Program that takes students through an exploratory process where they connect what they choose to do everyday with how they feel and long-term health.

During the eight lessons, students explore and discover the meaning of health and lifestyle, the effects of sedentary vs active living, how different foods affect the body, media's role in selecting products, how sleep and personal hygiene affect us and, most importantly, the importance of recognizing diversity and respecting ourselves and others. Students establish personal, lifelong goals that result in an overall increase in pride, health and compassion. 

In the pilot study involving 6 classes, 93% of participants felt better as a result of doing the program while 53% of parents saw positive lifestyle changes among other family members as well.




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