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To help them plan their courses, teachers in Alberta will find, for each year of elementary and secondary, tables incorporating the most recent curriculum and highlighting learning outcomes related to MediaSmarts' resources. These tables are available by clicking here.


Our resources can be downloaded and used by parents, teachers or any adult wishing to explore the major issues of digital and media literacy with children. This material may be reproduced in printed form without prior authorization provided that:
- the material reproduced is used only for educational and non-commercial purposes;
- all logos, trademarks, copyrights and other notices appearing on the material are fully preserved;
- all rights are allocated to the Network and this mention includes the address of its site.

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Each course or activity plan has a specific duration indicated in the resource documents or on the web page of the resource.


Most of our resources are free.


MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to media literacy and digital literacy. Its objective is to ensure that children and adolescents develop critical thinking that enables them to use the media as active and enlightened digital citizens. To achieve this goal, we are developing and delivering high-quality Canadian resources in media literacy and digital literacy; we are demonstrating leadership in advancing media literacy and digital literacy among schools, homes and communities across Canada; and we contribute to the development of informed public policy on media issues.




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