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Classcraft - Transform your class into an adventure

165 Rue Wellington N, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5C2
Phone : (819) 345-4760


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Grades 3 to 12

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Information and Communication Technology

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Classcraft allows teachers to increase academic motivation, facilitate classroom management, and create a climate of collaboration among students. In addition, it enables students to learn about formative evaluation, to inform and communicate with parents, and to provide behavioral reports.


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Classcraft is a platform that turns any class into an adventure. The game revolutionizes the way a course is experienced during the year. It can be adapted for any curriculum. Students level up, work as a team and acquire powers that have consequences in the real world.

Education and video games meet to reach out to students culturally, while solving educational problems: student motivation, classroom management, bullying, and more.

Since the platform’s launch in August 2014, teachers and students have shown an incredible interest. With more than two million users, Classcraft is now used in more than 20,000 schools in 75 countries.




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