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Interactive platform - WIGUP

375A Boul. St-Laurent, Ottawa, ON K1K 2Z7
Phone : (613) 742-8499


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Grades 4 to 8

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Our pedagocial approah, that is complementary to the curriculum, develops curious, committed and creative students. They will develop their general knowledge, as well as their journalistic and entrepreneurial skills by becoming citizens of the world. 


The platform is accessible at all times at school, as well as at home by teachers, parents and students.

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An annual subscription is required to access the content. 

$250/class or $2000 maximum for a school.


WIGUP is an interactive, immersive and educational platform! Being a secure closed network, this web channel introduces technology into teaching to revolutionize the dynamics of the classroom and meet the needs of students. Featuring inspiring, captivating and intelligent videos and publishing tools (articles, videos, photos, i-folios), this platform allows students aged 9 to 14 to discover their potential, interests and prepare for life. 

In addition to providing intelligent and captivating content, WIGUP aims to encourage exchange and sharing in the global Francophone community. Indeed, WIGUP broadcasts live, local or global meetings that allow students to have access to unique experiences. The platform is a reflection of our diverse and inspiring cultural identity, thus supporting the students' Francophone identity through the world's Francophonie. WIGUP provides a learning environment based on real life with real stories and people.

No other platform in the world has the mission to help, as WIGUP does, each student in discovering their mission in life. WIGUP is supported by all levels of the education community. A team of experienced teachers ensures that its content fosters the integration of the identity building model into everyday teaching in a simple and effective way. 




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