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The Voyage collection

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Ages 10 to 17

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Each novel has its accompanying guide to explore the themes of the novel in class. Each activity can be done independently or in conjunction with one or more. The activities found in the guides aim to develop the sudents' ability to express themselves orally and in writing, knowledge and self-esteem, valuing indigenous cultures, feeling of belonging and the identity of the individual and the community.


The Voyage collection can be ordered online


Novels: $13.95 each

Accompanying guide: $17.95 each


La Collection Voyage written by Janine Tougas follows the adventures of four youth from St. Rita, a Metis community in Manitoba. These young protagonists journey in discovery of their inner and outer geography and history.

La Collection Voyage integrates the value of Metis heritage, weaving it like a shining thread into the tapestry of modern life, while infusing a good measure of practicality and fun.

The novels Mélina et la chasse aux bisonsGabriel entre chien et loup, Henri et le cheval noir, Sylvianne aux couleurs du corbeau allow readers to question themselves on their own origins, identity, interests and in which way they can transform themselves and change the world. 

Although the reader follows the story of four young people over four novels in the series, each book presents a story that can be read and enjoyed independently of other books.




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