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Joëlle Préfontaine/ Mémix Productions


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School year/Age

grades 4 to 6

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)


School subjects (secondary)

Fine Arts
Physical education
Health and Life Skills

Teaching materials

A preparatory study guide with suggested classroom activities to contextualize Huh?!, as well as exercises following the presentation reflecting on individual and group discoveries.

Links with the curriculum

Variable links to the Alberta Education curriculum will be established. Firstly, these students will be transported to this imaginary world where their ability to communicate verbally and nonverbally will be put to action. Not only will they be spectators, but participants as well. In groups of 30 or less, these “specticipants” will also have to develop their capacities to work in collaboration with others. In this performance, there will be moments where individual choices bring division into small groups, where exchanges with characters will influence the narrative of the story. They will also have to challenge their ability to listen in order to organize the information presented to advance the play, which is written in gender neutral. This collaborative work will encourage the development of their leadership by inviting them to observe diverse populations in order to initiate a reflection on the theme of identity.


To better present this show, the school must provide a gymnasium/room that measures approximately 225 m by 130 m (74 feet by 42 feet). Please allow 10 minutes between each performance, 30 minutes prior to the play for set up and 30 minutes after the performance for tear down.

Number of participants

Show: Maximum of 30 students with a teacher

Workshop: Maximum of 12 teachers


Show: 50 minutes

After school workshop: 45 minutes


This show and Workshop will be offered starting in February 2018.

Shows in Edmonton:

-          1 show: $900

-          2 shows (back to back): $1200

-          3 shows (back to back): $1400

Shows outside of Edmonton (300km round trip from Edmonton)*:

-          1 show: $1400

-          2 shows (back to back): $1800

-          3 shows (back to back): $2100

Teacher Workshop: $250



Mémix has left to find their sibling Hermandine, who has been gone for some time and needs your help to locate this family member. What choices will Mémix need to make? What people will be met along the way to help with this quest? This pluri-lingual and immersive piece addresses family values, as well as cultural and linguistic diversity. On this journey through “Huh?!”, students and teachers will meet a multitude of characters and become specticipants for this promenade piece, where imagination is essential and where each must make their own choice for the path taken. Full of adventure, this play engages specticipants through specific tasks to be discovered in order to complete this quest!  


This workshop is an active learning space where teachers will have the opportunity to explore the integration of theatre activities that fosters students' language development. Various vocal and physical improvisation exercises will teach you how to create a learning environment that encourages a variety of expressive abilities.




Alberta Education