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Promotion PLOÉ (CMEC)
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Grades 11 and 12

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French immersion
French as a Second Language

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Explore is a five-week intensive immersion bursary program. 


A typical day consists of a minimum of three hours of class time, two hours of workshops, and one hour of sociocultural activities. A language pre-test will be administered either on-line before you begin the course or at the beginning of the course to determine your proficiency level and assign you to the right group. A post-test will be administered at the end of the course to assess your progress. Your full participation is expected. An example of a typical schedule can be found here.


All participating institutions provide participants with an official certificate. Recognition of your credits depends on the educational institution that you attend in the academic year following your participation in the program. You should approach that institution directly to ask about credits.


In order to qualify for the Explore bursary, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (those studying in Canada on a student visa are not eligible); and
  • be at least in Grade 11 during the preceding school year or be at the postsecondary level by the time your Explore course begins; and
  • have been a full-time student for at least one term during the current school year.

There are no grade or language-skill requirements for the Explore bursary; however, you must have met all of the above criteria for the entire duration of the program. There are no exemptions from any of the eligibility criteria. Anyone who meets these criteria and submits their supporting documents before the deadline will be entered into the bursary draw. 

Note: You must be at least 16 years old on the first day of the course. While there is no maximum age limit for the Explore program overall, individual institutions do have age requirements for their respective programs, and you must be within the eligible age group for the entire duration of a given program (i.e., programs for 16- to 17-years-olds).


Five weeks during the spring or summer. 


Aside from personal spending money (for snacks or souvenirs, etc.) there are two major costs that the participant has to cover: registration fees and travel expenses after the lottery draw.


Explore is a five-week intensive French-immersion (or English immersion for francophones) bursary program that is offered during the spring or summer for people with any skill level in French. Explore participants are awarded a $2,200 bursary (taxable income) that covers tuition fees for the course, instructional materials, meals, and accommodation. You will discover another region of Canada while learning French in classes adapted to your language level. Through classroom instructions, workshops, sociocultural activities, and field trips, you will not only improve your language skills, but discover the culture of a new region as well, all while exploring, meeting new people from across the country, and exchanging ideas in a stimulating environment perfect for learning the French language. Experience something new and discover your country and your strengths through Explore




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