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Le Carrefour bookstore

Librairie Le Carrefour
Campus Saint-Jean 8406 91 Rue Edmonton, AB T6C 4G9
Phone : (780) 492-4118


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Teaching materials

Services for institutions, youth literature, textbooks, board games, posters.


Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm


Le Carrefour bookstore is the Francophone bookstore of Alberta!

Do you need French teaching tools for your classroom or your library? Le Carrefour has a multitude of meticulously selected resources for teachers and librarians in francophones, French Immersion and French as a second language schools.

Le Carrefour is a bookstore open and accessible to all; ideal for teachers, parents, young children, adolescents, students and those passionate about literature. Everything from teaching methods to novels to documentaries and comic books, Le Carrefour has a complete selection. For information regarding our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us or drop in at the francophone bookstore at the heart of Campus Saint-Jean; our bilingual team will be happy to help.

Teachers get 10% off!




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