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Vertical Oxygen

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Teaching materials

Teaching module can be provided in either French or English to help teaching professionals make the most of their living wall.

Links with the curriculum

A green wall in an academic setting is an opportunity to teach your students many powerful lessons in an unforgettable way. There are so many different lessons that can be learned from your living wall, in so many different disciplines.

In science alone, a living wall can be a complimentary teaching aid for every grade. In elementary, a living wall is a live example of needs of plants and animals, biological cycles, growth, change and structures of plants. In junior high, learners can learn about interactions within ecosystems, osmosis in plants and biodiversity. For high school students, a living wall can demonstrate the energy transfers between organisms within biomes, the results of photosynthesis and a host of other biological phenomena.

Beyond science classes, the positive effects of a living wall can be integrated in health classes. And the light, learner friendly task of maintaining the living wall can become an activity to teach students responsibility within a community. The possibility of an edible green wall takes a step towards teaching sustainability and healthy living.


Costs and requirements vary depending on size and structure.

Consultations are completely free.


Installing a living wall by Vertical Oxygen in your school is not just about creating cleaner air or reducing pollutants in the school building, though they will do a great job of that.

By being actively involved in the planning, planting and nurturing of a living wall, learners can see the impact of an ecosystem in a real life application. A green wall in an academic setting is an unforgettable "hands on" building project for learners. Once installed, it remains a source of inspiration for several activities and lessons. A low maintenance, low running costs, custom designed green wall is a great investment.

Installation can be made for all sorts of establishments such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and more. Contact Vertical Oxygen to learn what custom design is right for you and get a free consultation. All services are gladly available in French and in English.

Based in Calgary, Vertical Oxygen has received the prizes for promising small business and technological innovation.




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