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CINQ ÉPICES ALBERTA cooking workshops

Céline Bossé

Phone : 403-880-8032


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School year/Age

Ages 4 to 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Health and Life Skills

School subjects (secondary)


Teaching materials

Recipe books in colour for the workshop (adapted for age and French skill) and one to bring home

Links with the curriculum

CINQ ÉPICES ALBERTA is a program affiliated to the Clinique francophone de Calgary and financed in part by SAIC 2016-2017 in order to offer, in French, its workshop facilitation on culinary arts and nutrition for parents and children ages 4 to 12 in Alberta. For more details about the origins of the program, please visit our website: Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to use our service and we will be happy to discuss how our team can help you offer these services in French for your students.

Several themes are presented in the workshop according to the Programme de formation à l’Art Culinaire et à la Nutrition which aims to develop the following skills

  • develop and discover new foods of different flavours, textures and colours in accordance with the methods and cultures of the country of origin.
  • Make simple, economical and nutritious recipes without meats.
  • Appreciate the preparation of all four food groups of the Canadian Food Guide and savour the meals made together.
  • Become conscious of the human activity of nutrition and the perspective of sustainable and responsible practices.


A classroom with at least four large tables, access to a refrigerator and water tap nearby.


September to June—according to school and day care service schedules—either before during or after class hours.

Number of participants

Class of 24 to 30 students with assistance by the teacher (Mandatory) and parent volunteers (optional, but ideal)


A cooking workshop lasts about 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the age group).


There are different offers available. Costs depend on the number of workshops booked in addition to travel fees. 


The mission of the cooking workshop CINQ ÉPICES ALBERTA is to promote nutritional and Canadian culinary education while favouring social development of children, their families and adults by means of good nutrition. The fun of our experience is what makes us stand out. All students will handle measure and cut foods. While cooking and tasting, the small and the older cooks will integrate notions of healthy nutrition, discover new foods and develop food autonomy.


  • Preparation of a delicious recipe for children
  • Learn culinary technique
  • A simple and adapted presentation of the notions of nutrition
  • Learning games
  • Tasting of the recipes made by children


  • A qualified workshop facilitator will come to your school and organize the activity: planning, materials, food, instruction, facilitation and cleaning.
  • Students of all grades will explore a theme linked to good and health.
  • The theme is associated to a recipe that will be cooked by the students in teams
  • The teacher will participate too
  • At the end, an evaluation and follow up activity is suggested to the teacher.




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