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The Language Portal of Canada is a free website that provides language quizzes in English and French. It includes language-related articles, blog posts and writing tools that deal with rules of grammar, difficult points of language and tips on writing.

Links with the curriculum

Students can use the Portal for help with their homework and writing assignments. They can take part in discussions on the blog, directly on the site or on social media, to learn more about the topic being discussed.

The Portal is also useful for teachers who want to diversify their teaching strategies by integrating online educational resources.


Available online, free of charge, at all times, on all platforms




The Language Portal of Canada,is a website managed by the Translation Bureau,. The Portal’s blog was launched in October 2009. It offers you access to free Canadian languageSeptember 2017. Guest bloggers are always welcome!

Teachers and students will also find the following resources to help you improve your English and French language skills.on the Portal:

The Language Portal of Canada includes:

  • the Language Navigator, a search engine that searches simultaneously in thousands of pages of content withhelps users find answers to questions on writing and difficult points of language and writing problems (grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, etc.);
  • TERMIUM Plus®, the Government of Canada’s terminology data bank, which includescontains more than five million English, French, Spanishterms and Portuguese termscan help students enrich their vocabulary in specialized fields;
  • quizzes on English and French to test your languagestudents’ knowledge and polish your writing skillsof language;
  • a collection of online Canadian language resources, with links to writing grouped under five categories: Writing resources, glossariesGlossaries and dictionaries, resources for languageIndigenous languages, Language learning, organizationsand Organizations and events;
  • an ambassador program to empower teachers, parents and all language learning enthusiasts.
  • the new Our Languages blog, where you can read and comment language-related blog posts and contribute your own posts.

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