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Franco-fun summer camps (ACFA de Grande Prairie)

ACFA Régionale de Grande Prairie
9927-97 Ave (Bureau 101) Grande Prairie, Alberta
Phone : 780-532-6335


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North (Grande Prairie)

School year/Age

5 to 11 years old

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)



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One month


$ 15 / per week. Families must be a member of the Grande Prairie Regional Chapter of the ACFA.


Every summer, the Grande Prairie Regional Chapter of the ACFA provides various entertaining, recreational and interactive activities for children of ages 5 to 11 years old.

This camp allows parents to continue their regular work schedule without having to worry about finding a sitter or daycare for their children. As a community organization, the ACFA seeks to promote the use of the French language, that is why this camp allows children to continue using and living in French outside of school through various games and activities. The Franco-Fun Camp is an excellent alternative to English camps because it provides children with the opportunity to be surrounded by French while having fun. If you want your child to keep speaking and practicing French year-round, this is the camp you’ve been looking for.

the majority of the workshops will take place on location at the local Grande Prairie Regional Chapter of the ACFA  (9927-97 Avenue, office 101, Grande Prairie)




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