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La Constellation de l'Ours

Nanomonx inc.
8955 Avenue André-Grasset, bureau #201, Montréal, QC, H2M 2E9
Phone : 514-800-2638


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Grade 1 to 6

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Social studies

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La Constellation de l'Ours is a video game giving the possibilities to the students to create worlds with hundreds of images in which they write texts (descriptive, narrative, informative, dialogue, etc.) based on instructions from the teacher. Considering the students' creations will be shared with the rest of the class, they will be proud to write for a real public, not just for the teacher. The game gives an inherent motivation to write to the students and thus, encourage them into their French writing. For the teacher, the game becomes a tool for achieving most of the goals of writing the Alberta curriculum according to the pedagogical objectives. The video game includes many graphical elements of the game are related to themes in the context of social studies, permitting the teacher to combine the development of writing to social studies with the reinforcement of learning in social studies.


Students must have access to a computer or tablet and have the internet. The video game works on all platforms (PC, Mac, Chromebooks, iPad, and Android tablets).


Access to the game is granted for a full academic year with the purchase of software licenses. New licenses must be purchased for each new school year.


Software licenses are sold $ 6 per student for the first 50 licenses. For additional licenses, the price will be $ 5 per student.


Fun-learning software created in 2017 for young people aged 6 to 13, La Constellation de l’Ours give tools to the students and a virtual universe perfect to create and invents stories with hundreds of visual elements provided with the video game (castles, lunar base, cities, etc.) in all by writing texts associated with these elements (narration, objects descriptive, dialogues, etc.). The writing is favored by a total integration into the gaming mechanisms. Thereby, the action of writing will never be a chore and will become the pleasure of playing. The teacher presents to his students with creative challenges that target the educational objectives being pursued. Learn more by visiting our website at!




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