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Contest- Slame tes accents

Centre de la francophonie des Amériques
2, Côte de la Fabrique, Case postale 110, Succ. Haute-Ville, Québec, QC, Canada G1R 4M8
Phone : 418 646-3300


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12 to 18 year old

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“Le Centre” offers a stimulating and pedagogical approach to develop students' written and oral skills in classes. This stimulating contest encouraging learning French is an opportunity for the teacher and his students to increase interest for the Americas' Francophonie in their milieu.


Teachers and educators can complete now the form available @ to receive the teaching guide.




“ Le Centre de la francophonie des Amériques” announces the third edition of the international contest “ Slame vos accents”. The contest proposes to write a slam in class and to proclaim it in a 60 to 90 seconds video integrating some words proposed. Through this contest, “ Le Centre” wants to highlight the French accents diversity that overflowing from the Americas, highlighting the vitality and dynamism of the Americas’ Francophonie and stimulate interest in the Francophonie by demonstrating to students the power of words.

Whether French is your second or mother tongue, whether you are starting out or perfecting it, display your accents and bring them to vibrate in the video! Teachers and educators can complete now the form available at to receive the teaching guide.




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