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Young Entrepreneurs Camp

Fancophonie jeunesse de l'Alberta
8627, rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury, 306
Phone : 780-469-1344


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Career and Life Management

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Career and Life Management


Temporary, from March 23 to 27,2020


5 days


$ 100 refundable if the participant participates in the full week.


The CDÉA young entrepreneurs camp aims to give birth to vocations by igniting the entrepreneurial flame. This new program, developed jointly by the Alberta Economic Development Council (CDÉA) and Francophonie Jeunesse de l'Alberta (FJA), will allow young people to discover entrepreneurship and get to know the key sectors of the economy, and develop their spirit of adventure, creativity and curiosity. This five-days camp will develop the entrepreneurial skills of future business leaders. More specifically, young people will focus on the development of the business project (products and services) with theoretical and practical courses in addition to the discovery of the professions associated with entrepreneurship. They will visit and share meals with experienced Francophone entrepreneurs in the Edmonton area to ask questions. This entrepreneurial camp aims to stimulate the entrepreneurial inclinations of young Francophones with activities that demonstrate that the entrepreneurial fiber can develop very early. The camp will be organized around two Junior Achievement programs (Be Entrepreneurs and Student Enterprise) to which we will introduce the concept of social enterprise. With this program, young people will be able to: take advantage of an introduction to entrepreneurship, understand why planning is essential to start a business, identify the products or services they can offer on the market, determine their competitive advantage and define a target market, lay the foundations of a business and develop a business strategy, discover the resources available to help them to move forward in the pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams At the end of Be an entrepreneur, the students will have created their own business plan. This will inspire them to seize new opportunities, innovate and create businesses.




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