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Dance - Association la Girandole

#12, 8627 91 street
Phone : 7804680057


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Edmonton and area (Edmonton)

School year/Age

Kindergarden to Grade 12. 

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Fine Arts

School subjects (secondary)

Fine Arts
Physical education
Social studies
Health and Life Skills

Teaching materials

Resources for teachers

Links with the curriculum

Our services are directly linked to many learning outcomes determined by Alberta Education in the Alberta Programs of Study, not only for francophone but also for French-Immersion. We answer directly to objectives such as French (language, culture), Social Studies (identity, history), Physical Education (physical litteracy, dance) and Music (rythms, melodies, sequences, songs and circle dances). We also touch on Health and Wellness subjects (stress management, interpersonal skills, team work, physical litteracy, etc). 


A big space (gym, music room or classroom), amplifier, auxiliary cord, microphone. 


September to June (schools) 

Number of participants

Minimum of 9 students and a maximum of 60 students per workshop. 


From thirty to ninety minutes per workshop. 


Different prices for the types of workshops. 

  • Dance workshop (120 to 500$) 
  • Carnaval (150 to 600$) 
  • School Dance Residency (1000 to 2000$) 


La Girandole is a francophone dance association which specializes in French-Canadian dance and culture. We are happy to offer the chance to francophone, French immersion and French as a Second Language students the chance do live a Francophone experience outside of the classroom that is both engaging and fun! To faciliate requests, we propose three types of programs: 

  • Dance workshop (120 à 500$)

A dance workshop is the best option for a dance specialist to teach one group, one time during the day. It's ideal for teachers who would like a more private workshop or a more specialized one to the age group ou to the request.  

  • Dance Carnaval (150 à 600$) 

A dance carnaval is the preferred type of workshop for many schools since the dance specialist teaches more than one group of students during the day. The carnaval is perfect for theme days or to celebrate Francophonie's month! Why not offer more than one group the chance to learn how to dance? 

  • School Dance Residency (1000 à 2000$) 

A school residency offers to schools the chance for a dance specialist to teach for more than two days. The goal is to learn and perform a dance show at the end.