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Sylvain Henri-Simard

Phone : (819) 668-3467


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Kindergarten to Grade 12

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French as a First Language
French immersion

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Social studies

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MONDE À PART touches several aspects of the study program and particularly elements in social studies and what pertains to Canada’s Great North. Your students will learn about the unique particularities of this little-known corner of the country and its population, the Inuit peoples and their culture, polar animals and blizzards!

Our educational shows and workshops are specially designed for French schools and French immersion programs and are presented by two professional artists who both have extensive backgrounds in education.

All of our products adapt to the age of all participants.

Visit our website for more information: 

Contact us Caroline Robitaille for more details: 613-869-9003.


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MONDE À PART is a unique concept offered by Sylvain-Henri Simard and Caroline Robitaille both artists specializing in education.

The duo offers a unique, bilingual and interactive musical experience through their workshops and original songs reflecting their adventures in the three Canadian Territories. MONDE À PART is a world you can't find anywhere else!

MONDE À PART offers core French and French immersion schools a musical experience like no other adapted to all levels of French! Featuring songs themed around Canada’s Great North, BEATBOXING workshops and more! MONDE À PART is a world particularly inviting for young boys, yet just as amusing for girls!

MONDE À PART in a nutshell is an innovative and original project. The engine behind it consists of two talented artists (Sylvain-Henri Simard and Caroline Robitaille) both with extensive backgrounds in education. MONDE À PART is: a musical experience with engaging songs inspired by Canada’s Great North, inclusive workshops for ALL students, a project that has seen great success in schools across the country and most of all is a unique concept to help develop a sense of school spirit and unity. (Visit for more information and complete artist biographies).




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