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Young public tour : BELLO

#126, 8627 rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury, Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1
Phone : (780) 469-8400


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School year/Age

Kindergarten to Grade 6

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)

Fine Arts

Teaching materials

Teacher's Guide

Links with the curriculum

This tour aims to develop the francophone culture, and allows exploration of the French language in a cultural context. With the purchase of a performance, you will receive a practical teaching guide filled with fun and educational activities that will help prepare children for the show and prolong the pleasure.


Gymnasium or auditorium. The sets are mobile.


On tour in Alberta schools from February 21 to March 24, 2017

Number of participants

To ensure a smooth presentation, it is recommended that the number of spectator does not exceed 250, except in the case of theaters designed for this purpose. Nonetheless, it is up to the principal to choose to exceed that number.


The performance lasts about 50 minutes and may be followed by a discussion period of about ten minutes.


$ 900 + GST

The UniThéâtre offers a discount for schools who wish to purchase more than one presentation for a single day. A $ 300 non-refundable deposit is required upon signing the contract.


A Vern Thiessen text – Translated by Brian Dooley 

A UniThéâtre production 

About the play: Little Bernhard is a six year old farm boy, taken in by his aunt and uncle after his parents die. Ignored by his busy adopted parents, and bullied by his step brother, Little Bernhard must walk five km to school and back each day. Along the way is the home of Old Nettie, who everyone in the town fears and calls a witch. One day, Little Bern gets lost in a snowstorm, and is saved by none other than Old Nettie. Bern comes to know her true story, of her difficult life, and her son Bello who got lost in a snowstorm himself and never returned. Bern then returns the favor and stands up for her against the town. Based on stories from the Mennonite Ukraine of the 1920’s, BELLO is set in fable-like world. Told in shared narrative by three actors, the play is a parable on overcoming our fears of others who are not like us




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