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Experiences Canada - Exchanges (formerly SEVEC)

Experiences Canada
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School year/Age

12 to 17 years old

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French as a Second Language

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Social studies

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Links with the curriculum

Second Language

Second-language exchanges make up half of all Experiences Canada youth exchanges. Participants not only gain the confidence to use their second language, but they realize the importance of being skilled in both of Canada’s official languages. Whether your group is learning French or English, Experiences Canada will develop an exchange experience where youth are immersed in their second language.

Cultural Awareness

By experiencing first-hand the lifestyles of a community away from home, youth gain life-long social awareness, gaining respect and understanding of cultural diversity, languages and socio-economic situations. Whether it’s an exchange between rural and urban communities, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, or east coast and west coast cities, the participants come to appreciate the shared and unique aspects of life in Canada.

Confidence & Leadership

Exchange participants experience a boost in self-confidence and an overall improvement of their communication skills. Over 80% of Group Organizers say the exchange caused their participants to reflect on future life choices, including academic and career goals.  Several past participants have taken on leadership roles, such as running for student council or joining Experiences Canada’s Youth Advisory Committee.

Exchanges can also focus on community involvement, the arts, history, geography, sports, and more.

*30% of the itineraries are related to history and heritage 


7 to 10 days


Travel is free! Costs are funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage. However, there are small costs:

  • Participants pay only for the elective activities. These expenses are frequently offset by fundraising activities.
  • A membership fee of 100$ per group is required upon application. Upon confirmation of an exchange, a registration fee per exchange participant is applicable. 
  • Circumstantial financial assistance is available so the experience is accesible to all.


Canada is a cultural mosaic that provides a rich regional diversity. By discovering a new community, young people deepen their knowledge of a second language, a new culture awareness, raise social barriers and gain greater self-confidence. Experiences Canada is a rewarding educational exchange program, which promotes learning and gives participants the opportunity to have experiences that last a lifetime. Join the 5000 young people who participate each year in our exchange program.

  •  The exchanges are designed to fit your schedule.
  • All arrangements for transportation are managed by Experiences Canada.
  • Your group will be paired with another group that has the same characteristics (group size, age of participants, goals, etc.).
  • In case of an emergency, you will have access to a toll-free line and support every day round the clock.
  • An organizer Guide (print and online) that details all the steps you will be given.
  • An Experiences Canada representative will help you plan and execute your exchange and will bring you all the necessary logistical support.
  • Your group will receive souvenirs such as headphones, luggage bags and labels.
  • A collective insurance is offered against accidents covering all participants.




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