What is Accent?

ACCENT is a bilingual directory designed for school communities so they can find recreational, cultural and educational resources and activities that are available in French for students in Alberta. Therefore, ACCENT creates a connection between service providers and school communities that have French as a first language, French immersion and French as a second language programs.

The project was established in 2006 through a partnership between the ACFA and Canadian parents for French Alberta Branch and financial support of Alberta Education. This initiative corrected gaps between school trips offered in French and English, an issue that had been raised in a letter sent to the ACFA by parents of a francophone school. The latter was directly related to the issues the ACFA focused on, that is the transmission of language and culture of Francophones to future generations, as well as the recognition of the value of French language by the Alberta public.

ACCENT has since become an indispensable tool for school communities thanks to the hundreds of profiles of service providers. Teachers, parents, school councils, CPF chapters and others are invited to consult this website to find additional activities for students to have different opportunities to live in French in Alberta.

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