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Credit courses in music creation 10-20-30

Centre de développement musical (CDM)
201, 8627 rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury, Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1
Phone : (780) 760-0130 x 2


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School year/Age

Grades 10 to 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)

Fine Arts

Teaching materials

Student study guide

Links with the curriculum

This ia a 5 credits course following the curriculum of Alberta Education.

- Writing French song
- Knowledge of the francophone music scene in Alberta
- Learning or deepening of an instrument
- Music theory
- Work as a group 
- Shows


- Teacher in charge of the project
- We provide trainers/teachers for the classes
- A Classroom (ideally a music room with equipment)
- An Agreement with the school board must be established for payment of the credits


September to June

Number of participants

Minimum of 2 students per group
Maximum of 6-8 students per group
Unlimited number of groups


- 50 hours of classroom training (after school)
- 30 hours of training, shows, workshops, etc. (Master classes, singing weekend (La Chicane) , etc.) 

Possibility of doing 2 hours per week or make larger block of time during evenings or on weekends a few times a month


.- $60 to be paid by the student
- $190.85 per completed credit (or the amount prescribed by Alberta Education ) to be paid by the school board


Credit courses are offered in various high schools that have French programs in Alberta. Alberta Education supports these courses to help develop and cultivate the unique interests and abilities of the students and the community.

The objectives of these credit courses in music creation are to give students knowledge of popular music theory, allow them to apply this knowledge and to demonstrate it on stage. It is through the creative process and composition that students are initiated and trained. Trainers are musicians are active in the community and well known.

If you are a student and you are interested in these courses, we invite you to share your interest to the principal of your school. For any principal that wants to offer this course in his school, please contact the Centre de Développement Musical.