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Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française (ACELF)
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The activities found in the Database are designed for 7 age groups (early childhood, elementary and secondary).

It involves several disciplines such as French, mathematics, social studies, science, fine arts, health and life skills, and physical education.

Several themes are also examined: arts, self-knowledge and human relations, culture and heritage, cultural diversity, law and justice, environnement, economy, education, family, francophonie, language, books and literature, media and communications, politics, music, health, science, sports and recreations, work, and community life.

Both rich and flexible, the activities leave room for the teacher's creativity. They allow students to carry ou projects that intefrate several disciplines and educational elements, such as research, problem solving, communication, creation and so on. They involve individual, team or group work, and many of the activities include suggestions for expanding the project at the school or community level.  


Activities are available online by clicking here




ACELF's mission is to foster, within French-language educational circles, the development of a dynamic Francophone identity. Therefore, ACELF has developed an Educational activities Database that specializes in Francophone identity building. The Database brings together hundreds of activities that aim to contribute to the construction of students' identities. For each activity, the description specifies the identity construction processes that the activity allows to implement.

Since the Database is interactive and constantly evolving, new activities linked to topical themes and topics are being added regularly. The Database also includes all the activities of the educational booklets published by the ACELF during the National Week of the Francophonie, as well as those accompanying the other tools developed by the ACELF and certain series of activities in connection with a specific event or subject. These activities are classified "by collection" on the homepage.