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French Gymnastics Program

Ortona Gymnastics Club
UofA - SCSC South Campus, 11610 - 65 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1
Phone : (780) 492-7300


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Edmonton and area

School year/Age

Ages 4 to 9

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)

Physical education


Membership at Ortona Gymnastics Club required.

Number of participants

Only 8 spots are available in each of the two age groups (4 to 5 years / 5 to 9 years)


$215 + GST (does not include membership fees *)

* If you are not already a member of the Ortona Gymnastics Club, the membership fee is $46.62.


Gymnastics is an ideal activity for young children. It is a great way to develop motor skills, coordination, strength, flexibility and creativity. Gymnastics is also a fun activity through which children can develop self-confidence, and undertake a wide variety of challenges while making friends. Gymnastics helps to develop physical skills that are needed to participate in other sports. This not only leads to a healthy lifestyle, but also to success in sports. Children are never too young to enjoy such a sport.

Ages 4 to 5
This program lasts 60 minutes and is offered to children ages 4 to 5. During the session, children will learn the basic concepts of gymnastics. We integrate music and games into our program. Children are not accompanied by their parents during classes. We use our large gymnasium as well as our specialized gymnasium for preschool aged children. Ortona presents the wonderful world of Leapah.

Ages 6 to 9
Levels 1 through 4 of the CanGym program, created by Gymnastics Canada, will be available for children ages 6-9. Report cards will be issued at the end of the session.