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Ortona Gymnastics Club

Ortona Gymnastics Club
UofA - SCSC South Campus, 11610 - 65 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1
Phone : (780) 492-7492


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Edmonton and area

School year/Age

Preschool to Grade 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Physical education

Links with the curriculum

We offer different programs that can be customized to suit each school’s specific needs, like a basic introduction to gymnastics for groups that have little gymnastics experience, or a sport specific program for groups that are focusing on certain physical activities.

Option 1 - Discover, Explore, Learn
The Discover, Explore and Learn program provides students with a basic introduction to gymnastics and is ideal for groups who have had little prior experience in gymnastics. Students will gain a preliminary understanding of gymnastics by focusing on several core concepts:

  • Participating in multiple gymnastics disciplines, such as artistic, trampoline, tumbling and rhythmic, will help students discover their physical niche
  • Fundamental movement skills provide a base for the more complex skills used in gymnastics and involve landings, locomotions, statics, swings, springs and rotations
  • Learning basic gymnastics terminology creates enthusiasm for the sport and gives students an advantage if they choose to continue with gymnastics
  • Understanding how to safely use the gymnastics equipment promotes responsibility and accountability among students

Option 2 - Curriculum and Exploring
Curriculum based programs allow students to develop varying levels of skill depending upon their age and physical capabilities. The program reflects the curriculum of the students’ physical education program at school. Students leave feeling comfortable with basic gymnastic skills:

  • Essential movement patterns that utilize the entire body
  • Fundamental sequences that link simple movements together for more complex actions
  • Control in executing patterns of basic gymnastics skills
  • Coordinated actions of the body to perform sequences of gymnastic skills and techniques

The structured skills that the students will learn at Ortona can be utilized by teachers to increase each students’ athletic progress in physical education back at school.

Option 3 - Sports Specific Programming
Sport Specific programming offers an intense style of a field trip for experienced athletes. By utilizing gymnastics movement patterns, strength training, flexibility and other basic skills, students further their physical ability in their chosen sport. The instruction will encompass fun, engaging activities while moving through gymnastics circuits. By offering programs specific to a sport, the students experience several benefits:

  • A greater understanding of basic movement patterns to help them in their chosen activity
  • More specific and focused exercises
  • A new perspective and approach to exercise and training 


Parent Volunteers are always appreciated.


We do our very best to offer Field Trips in French. It depends on the availability of our French Speaking coaches. We offer field trips year-round for all grade levels and for students of all abilities.

Number of participants

A maximum of 50 students per session. 


Sessions are 1 hr, 1.5 hr or 2 hr.


1hr: $7/student
1.5hr: $10/student
2hr: $13/student 

*Prices do not include GST. 


Here at Ortona, our mission is simple: Gymnastics for all. Offering field trips for Edmonton and area schools helps us achieve this mission. We strongly believe that an Ortona field trip offers students a chance to exercise their bodies and minds. Students leave feeling accomplished, enthusiastic and proud knowing that what they learned is a fun and exciting way to stay healthy. Gymnastics is a well-rounded sport that promotes active bodies and active minds. Body awareness, self-confidence, communication skills and enthusiasm are just some of the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits of an Ortona field trip.

By introducing students to gymnastics in an exciting, safe and stimulating way, we encourage daily activity for life. Our coaches are qualified, professional and can efficiently coach any age group, and all the gymnastics equipment is provided. Our incredible facility provides a positive learning space for students to grow and develop. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why an Ortona field trip is the perfect option for any student, class, grade or school.