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Guy-Lacombe Institute of the Family

Institut Guy-Lacombe de la famille
#114, 8627 rue Marie-Anne Gaboury, Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1
Phone : (780) 468-4882


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Edmonton and area

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0 to 18 years

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French as a First Language
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Health and Life Skills

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By offering questionnaires on child development, we help parents prepare their children for school. All the activities we offer for early childhood encourage the five levels of development of these children.

We are helping children to be ready for the future.


To be a francophone or a francophile who live in Alberta North. 


Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm and Saturday from 9am to noon.



But the after-school program costs 250$



Thanks to its resources, programs and services, Guy Lacombe Institute of the Family continues its mission to help the French family of any cultural background to maximize their knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve their best.

Activités for 0-5 years old

- Bricoler et emporter
For children, DIY is an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills. For them, testing and handling are more important than the final result. Every Monday from 10am to 11am.

- Bout'choux en musique
Through songs and rhymes, and the discovery of musical instruments, children learn the basic concepts of music. We also work on everything that is corporeal: rhythm can not be learned by remaining seated, we must apprehend it with our bodies. Every Tuesday from 10am to 10:45am.

- Chef en herbe
Children will experiment with simple, nutritious small recipes and participate in small activities that will introduce them to healthy eating and the discovery of new foods and ingredients in a fun way. The children will imitate the chef by concocting a small snack according to the theme of the week. Every Wednesday from 10am to 12pm.

- Yoga-Bébé
Yoga-Baby classes are a great way to get in shape after childbirth, but also to create a moment of great complicity with your baby while stimulating his developement. Classes are held every Wednesday from 10 am to 11 am in the IGLF conference room.

- Heure du conte
Tales for children are a source of discovery of the world and an open-door to the imagination, a great opportunity to learn self-expression, to gain self-confidence, to enrich vocabulary, to develop the logical sense of a story, to acquire notions of a story while traveling in time and space. Stop by every Thursday at 10 am to listen to the story of the week.

Cette activité donne l’occasion aux enfants de découvrir de différentes textures, des réactions entre certains ingrédients lorsqu’ils sont mélangés, et aussi de se salir les mains ! Parfois, c’est une expérience scientifique, et d’autres fois ce sera une simple peinture à doigts, mais vos enfants auront souvent l’occasion de se salir les mains sans faire un dégât dans votre salon !

- Ça-me-dit
For those who work during the week and can never come to take advantage of our Center or participate in our activities, we suggest you do one of our activities on Saturday morning. And even if you come during the week, come find us to your favorite activity again! Every Saturday from 9am to 12.30pm.

Workshops on parenting skills
The Guy-Lacome Institute of the Family also offers workshops in French on parenting skills:

- Parler pour que les enfants écoutent, et écouter pour que les enfants parlent 
- Frères et soeurs sans rivalités 
- Parler pour que les ados écoutent, et écouter pour que les ados parlent 
- Triple P: Pratiques Parentales Positives