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Magic-Mandinka Workshop

Stève Viès - L'émerveil Mandingue
7291 - 14 avenue, Montréal, QC H2A 2V9
Phone : (514) 885-1673


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School year/Age

Kindergarten to Grade 6

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)

Fine Arts

School subjects (secondary)

Physical education
Social studies

Teaching materials

Documentary on Mali's textile art and an educational booklet on the vocabulary used in Mali.

Links with the curriculum

Throughout the interactive activities, the child will be able to showcase this or her artistic abilities and potential, increase self-esteem and his teamwork capabilities. Being an inclusive workshop, one of the main objectives is to open the children to different ways of living and to approach the world, while also offering new paths of discoveries of our resemblance and bridges that exist between all cultures. Offering an amalgam of interactive experiences, this day develops motor skills, discernment, curiosity, open mindedness, as well as cognitive learning.   


  • Two large rooms that can hold up to 25 children each;
  • Gym or large room for the end-of-day show;
  • 1 chair per child (djembe workshop and projection);
  • 1 screen/projector/computer/DVD player (for film projection);
  • Available educators;
  • Microphones and sound system.


One day


2200$/day for the two facilitators including:

  • Equipment (musical instruments, etc.);
  • Rental of djembes;
  • Travel (by air from Quebec) and on site;
  • Per diem and accommodation. 

*A preferential rate of $950/day will be applied for a booking of 10 days or more.


The Magic-Mandinka Workshop presented by Stève Viès and Estelle Lavoie is an immersive adventure at the heart of the magic and fascinating rituals of West Africa. Through this adventure, children will have the opportunity to experience and learn about several cultural aspects of the traditions of this region of Africa. 

During the first 30 minutes, Stève and Estelle will present themselves and share with the children their cultural origins, the artistic link that unites them, the story behind how they met, a geographical positioning and some information on the everyday life in West Africa. They will also share their common vision on the openness towards multiculturalism as well as having access to African art and culture. 

Thereafter, each workshop will last 45 minutes. Groups will be created (up to a maximum of 25 participants per group) and will experience, in rotation, one of the dances, songs, rhythms and visual arts workshops offered by Stève and Estelle. 

At the end of the day, for 45 minutes, Stève and Isabelle will present their show called "Yacouba, l’enfant pauvre devenu roi,” a musical, colourful and varied show that highlights all the learning that the children have done during the day (dance, percussion, signing). The show even includes magnificent marionettes from Mali. This is a real journey through the discovery of West Africa's musical instruments, dances and songs.