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Calgary International Children's Festival

Calgary International Children's Festival
205 - 8 avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K9
Phone : (403) 294-9494


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Calgary and area

School year/Age

Preschool to Grade 6

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French as a First Language
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Fine Arts

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Social studies
Health and Life Skills

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Field trips to live French theatre enhance knowledge of the plot, comprehension of the French language, and appreciation for what other people think and feel. Kidsfest also provides ready-to-use educational worksheets to help teachers reinforce themes and curriculum-connections found in our performances.


Kidsfest provides volunteers however chaperones are required at your needs. Classrooms arrive at Kidsfest via bus. 


The event runs from May 24 to 27, 2017. 

Tickets are available online by clicking here!

Number of participants

Depends on availability


Shows last approximately one hour to an hour and a half. 


Tickets are only $12 per entry and include a show and a full day of activities.


The Calgary International Children’s Festival (Kidsfest) celebrates its 31st anniversary this season. From its humble beginning in 1987, Kidsfest has grown to become one of the most prominent arts festivals of its kind in Canada and the largest presenter of performing arts for young people in Calgary.

As a vital contributor to the cultural landscape of our community, Kidsfest offers children, parents, and teachers an experiential and educational environment for imagination, growth, and creative expression.

Two shows will be offered in French at the Calgary International Children's Festival this year. Here is the description:

Le Coeur en Hiver
The children will love Le Coeur en Hiver, the scenic version of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. A young girl, Gerda, embarks on an epic question to rescue her friend Kay, who is in the palace of the Snow Queen. This brilliant choreographed production is a dazzling show!

Thursday, May 25 - 10:00am & 12:30pm
Friday, May 26 - 12:30pm

Thanks to this wonderful and entertaining show, Masabo has enchanted many children across Canada by opening their minds and hearts with this culturally rewarding experience. Great musicians, dancers and storytellers share the beauty and dynamism of the traditional cultures of West Africa in a performance that explores the themes of community and interculturalism. The presentation of Fana Soro & Masabo Culture Company are interactive and encourage participation. They have been acclaimed in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. 

Wednesday, May 24 - 12:30pm
Thursday, May 25 - 10:30am