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Educational application Au Royaume des Sons

Les Applications MariJo Inc.
32 des Érables, Vaudreuil-Sur-Le-Lac, QC J7V 8P3
Phone : (514) 207-4767


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School year/Age

Kindergarten and Grade 1

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French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

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"Au royaume des sons" ia a program designed for teaching phonological awareness and provides opportunities for games and practice for students. Phonological awareness plays a major role in the learning of reading and writing. 


"Au royaume des sons" is played on an interactive board, tablet, PC or laptop. It is a web application available online through Google Chrome and/or Firefox.


To have access to the applicaiton, a subscription is necessary and can be ordered by filling out the online form


Subcriptions are for one year.


$10/student for class subscriptions.

*School board membership is negotiable. 


As demonstrated by research, promoting phonological awareness activities from kindergarten is the best way to prevent learning difficulties in reading and writing. 

With the application "Au royaume des sons", students play while learning. They will be able to perceive, identify and manipulate various phonological components. The program facilitates the awareness of the following:

  • words
  • rhyme
  • phonemic
  • alphabet

"Au royame des sons" is also 24 rewarding activities where children enjoy themselves in a visually stimulating and attractive setting. Students decorate, choose, associate, observe, move images, answer and make puzzles. They play while developing phonological awareness. Teachers can follow their students' progress through a table of results. "Au royaume des sons" is more than 400 pages of animated and stimulating activities.