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SoundKreations - Hip-Hop, Step or Beat Street Dance Program


Phone : 1(800) 507-0426


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School year/Age

Kindergarten to Grade 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

School subject (primary)

Physical education

School subjects (secondary)

Fine Arts
Health and Life Skills

Teaching materials

Optional video instruction for additional routines & teacher workbooks

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At SoundKreations we provide in-school dance residencies with a focus on healthy hobbies in the classroom. Through choreographed movement we also touch on many aspects of physical literacy that can be built upon by the staff long after SK's residency has concluded.


School support staff for supervision, and access to the school sound system.


The program is avaible from September to June. 

For more information and to reserve, please fill out this form.

Number of participants

Maximum of 50 students per class.


A minimum booking of 3 full days or 5 half days. No limit or maximum residency length.


Flat rate of $505/full day or $303/half day


SoundKreations is the number one in-school dance and poetry program provider in all of Alberta. Our In-school Programs and Instructors are engaging enough to get every student moving and grooving. We focus entirely on providing the kind of program that your students connect with while offering endless opportunities for success in a context that is fun, fun, and also… fun! We’re the school residency specialists and making your gymnasium a safe place for students to take risks and succeed is what we do best!

When you book a SoundKreations’ experience you know what to expect… every time. We are committed to providing only the highest quality of in-school programming and we deliver on this commitment every single time we’re in a school. We know that booking a residency program takes a lot of hard work on the part of the school and the parents and so delivering a remarkable program experience is a responsibility that we don’t treat lightly. We have a Master Agreement with the Calgary Board of Education, and we are an Approved Vendor with the Edmonton Public School Board. All of our instructors have up-to-date Security Clearances and Liability Insurance, and we have a list of over 300 schools that book with us year after year after year.