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Paul and Suzanne: A francisation model

Apprentissage Illimité Inc.
48, avenue Woodlawn, Winnipeg, MB R2M 2P2
Phone : 1 (204) 883-2153


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Preschool to Grade 3

*May vary for French as a Second Language

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French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

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The Paul and Suzanne collection is recognized as a support material for educational programming aimed at early childhood in French schools and French immersion programs by education departements across Canada.


The Paul and Suzanne collection can be ordered online


The price for one kit is $1121


The Paul and Suzanne collection aims to develop French oral and literary skills. The characters Paul and Suzanne become, for students, true friends who create an affective bond with the French language. The sharing of games and discoveries motivates students to learn.

The collection focuses on the approach through play, interactivity and laughter. The tools are intended for early childhood teachers and students in French as a first language, French immersion and francisation programs. The collection is full of tools and stories to be implemented in French programs.

Each kit includes:

  • Description of the program: This document explains the goal and the orientation of this francisation model. It speaks of the development of language and thought in children, the planning of educational programming and game pedagogy.
  • 20 Story Books: Each book includes ten stories featuring the little characters, Paul and Suzanne.
  • A Teacher's Guide: This guide provides teachers with suggestions of activities to help children integrate the concepts and vocabulary found in the stories.
  • 200 story summaries: These summaries present each story, in full, in comics. If teachers so desire, the abstract may be photocopied and distributed to the students. This tool creates an ideal link between the school and home, involving the whole family in the process of francisation.
  • A compact disc that includes 20 songs: A song with new lyrics on traditional tunes accompanies each of the twenty themes.
  • Two puppets: These small puppets, which are worn on the hand, represent the characters of Suzanne and Paul.