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Discovering French with Petit Pas

Apprentissage Illimité Inc.
48, avenue Woodlawn, Winnipeg, MB R2M 2P2
Phone : 1 (204) 883-2153


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Preschool to Grade 3

*May vary for French as a Second Language

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French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

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An educational tool for the school and the home created to introduce young children and their families to the French language. It was designed by a team of French teaching and learning specialists. 


The educational tool can be ordered online


The kits are available for $129.95 and the teacher's guide is priced at $24.95.


Finally, a specifically designed educational tool that can be used at home and at school to introduce young children and their families to the French language. This kit contains a set of simple and fun activities that allow the child to prepare him/herself in class and then to continue learning with his or her family at home.

Discovering French with Petit Pas encourages the child and his or her parents to develop their vocabulary while playing, singing and reading. This simple but effectively designed kit introduces the students to the French language successfully thanks to the twenty themes and three hundred words chosen from the basic day-to-day vocabulary. This activity kit contains tools for the teacher as well as for the family including communication sheets that establish a tangible link between the family and the school and allow closer collaboration among all parties regarding the child’s development.

  • An introductory French language- learning kit for beginner students and their families.
  • A set of simple and fun activities to familiarize the child and his or her family to the basic vocabulary.
  • Bilingual resource materials and auditory support for the home allowing the participation of everyone!
  • 20 themes and over 300 words related to everyday life.
  • A set of activities with a two-fold purpose: to expose the student to the French language in class and to further enrich his or her learning at home with the family.