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School year/Age

K to 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Health and Life Skills

School subjects (secondary)

Career and Life Management
Knowledge and Employability
Health and Life Skills

Teaching materials

VIS AU MAX educational resource

Links with the curriculum

For grades 3 to 6, the conference was simplified to 5 principles of success which are the PAVAJ (Clean, Active, True, Friend, Happy).

For grades 7 to 12, the conference will focus on 12 principles of success that make up the pedagogical resource "Vis au MAX".

1. We have control over our thoughts (attitude, choice, emotions)
2. Self-awareness (talents, gifts, skills)
3. Your powers (choosing, learning, will)
4. Plan the road (desires, dreams, goals, timelines)
5. Action (working hard, going beyond, habits)
6. Leaving the beaten track (innovation, imagination, intuition)
7. Not be afraid to fail (never give up)
8. Human relations (personalities, manners, finesse)
9. Conviction (faith, pride, attraction)
10. Life habits (philosophy of life, health, enthusiasm)
11. Physiology (our state of mind, maintaining, magnetism)
12. Self-confidence (leadership, self-esteem)

For teachers who wish to do so, following the conference, they can use the "Vis au MAX" pedagogical resource and use these principles which have been separated into 40 themes for the 40 weeks of the program.


12 X 20 foot theatrical space, gym or théâtre


Tours are organized in the fall, winter and spring.

Shows and workshops are available online.  Visit the following link to see all the activities available during the pandemic.

Number of participants

Conference Maximum: 400

Workshop Maximum: 30


One hour




« LA MAGIE de VIVRE au MAX » is a fun show with brilliant illusions, MARC TARDIF « le Magicien » will illustrate some principles of success and bring spectators tu understand the importance of believing in themselves to see the possibilities and to find answers from within.

MARC TARDIF has a powerful message focused on achievement and self-realization. Recognized nationally, MARC TARDIF presents its 12 principles of success dramatically. As professional artist, his presentations are as interesting as they are entertaining. Students are enthusiastic about what he has to say and they will come back with concrete solutions for the improvement or transformation of their lives.

MARC TARDIF knows how to allow everyone to accelerate their own success while motivating to engage in the greatest journey in the world ... self-realization. Not only will the members of your audience be motivated to improve, they will see opportunities to surpass themselves in all aspects of their lives.

MARC TARDIF provides everyone with the tools to tackle all forms of challenges and adapt to change or circumstances while solving problems encountered along the way.

A simplified version is available for students aged 8 to 12 years.


The workshop is a deepening of the 12 principles of success. The participant will emerge with a greater knowledge of themselves and a greater confidence in their abilities.