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Voyage to Mali workshop (West Africa)

Stève Viès - L'émerveil Mandingue
7291 14 eme avenue Montréal, Qc H2A 2V9
Phone : (514) 885-1673


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School year/Age

Grades 3 to 6

Language level

School subject (primary)

Fine Arts

School subject (secondary)

Social studies

Teaching materials

Documentaries and slide shoes about art and textiles from Mali. Photocopies and ideograms of Bogolans. Teachers’ book about vocabulary used in Mali.

Links with the curriculum

During this activity, children have the chance to showcase their skills and build their self-esteem. This content rich intercultural experience for pre-kindergarten to grade 2 allows children to familiarize themselves with positive elements of African culture and also to explore rhythms, song, dance, musical communication and the enjoyment of the group bonding. This activity also develops motor skills, discernment, curiosity, open mindedness and also cognitive learning.


Projector; space with tables and chairs for the workshop (Bogolan murale); Colouring materials, 1 blank white colouring surface (36“x24”) per group of 5 students; an audio and video system for the musical discovery workshop.


Available from mid September to mid June, Monday to Friday.

Number of participants

Minimum: 15

Maximum: 30


One day


1200$/day for the facilitator includes : materials (music instruments, ect.); djembés; travel (by plane from Quebec) and on location; per diem and housing.

*a preferential rate of 900$ is available for reservations of 10 days or more.


The Voyage to Mali workshops and show by Stève Viès is an immersive half-day at the heart of the magic and fascinating West African rituals. Through this theme children will learn about several cultural and traditional aspects from this region of Africa. For the first hour, Stève presents N’Domo, a documentary created in Ségou, Mali. Then he shares his cultural origins with the class, his artistic story that unites him with Africa, the geographic location of some of the big cities in Mali and a few anecdotes of his experiences during his travels. Next, each activity will take about 60 minutes. Groups are made (up to 30 participants) and experiment the visual arts activity: the Bogolan mural. In groups of 5, the participants create a visual and poetic story with traditional Malian artistic textile symbols: the Bogolan. Throughout the experience, their creativity is supported by a slideshow of traditional artists and background music by Malian greatest artists. The day concludes with Stève presenting a workshop of rhythms and songs from Mali for all the participants. All the students will discover several musical instruments and songs and a short film with masks and Marionettes.