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Radio Cité 97.9 FM- Summer Camp

Radio Cité
La Cité francophone 8627, rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury, bureau 140L Edmonton (Alberta) T6C 3N1
Phone : 780 466-9949


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Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Career and Life Management

School subjects (secondary)

Career and Life Management
Knowledge and Employability
Off-campus Education

Teaching materials

Workbook, studios, Radio lexicon

Links with the curriculum

Cultural Objectives:

Students will learn about Franco-Albertans and other Francophones contributions to the development of radio. Students will learn the various types of radio and their respective roles. Students will discover French radio programs available in Alberta or on the web that deal with Francophone culture and will be part of the process of sensitizing the community to specific needs as Francophones.

Language and communication objectives:

Students will be able to communicate better, they will learn a lexicon of specific terminology used in the world of radio. They will be able to use new expressions related to the media. Students will be able to use strategies for reading and understanding specific texts. Students will be able to do proper research on a subject, analyze and compare the information. Students will learn how to share a story or information and be more concise in how they self-express.


Interpersonal goals and growth of self-esteem:

Students will increase their interpersonal quality and how to socialize in a professional manner. Students will learn effective communication strategies and be more diplomatic. Students will be able to interact with people who have some status in the community and prepare for interviews. Students will have to adapt to different life situations and react in a more flexible way. Having broadcasts on Radio Cité they will develop their personalities and their level of responsibility.


Students must understand French and be able to understand different subjects from different activities fields.

Number of participants

min: 5 | max : 20


Two weeks.


200$ - per week or 350$ for two weeks


Radio cité offers you: Summer camps on journalism for two weeks.

Two sessions in July and August.

Timetable: two 2-hour blocks in the morning and in the afternoon 10 am-12 noon (or 9 am-11 am) 1 pm-3 pm (or 12 noon - 2 pm) Monday to Friday Part 1- the morning block - theoretical information Part 2- the block of the afternoon - practical exercises

Summer camp: Radio Cité 97.9 community radio in Edmonton's reach French schools during the summer. For two weeks in the months of July 2019 and August 2019, we offer: * theoretical training in class * practical aspects with learning exercises * creation, preparation and distribution of the series of programs within the studios.

Radio Cité 97.9 * training days in studios * research and writing work for programs and web pages * work with students in schools in preparation for the weekly program in studio * work in the studios and broadcast radio show * creation of podcasts and webcasts * final evaluation of participants and creation of reports.

The project has two components:

  • Theoretical and Experiential Learning of Radio for Classes 9 to 12 in French Schools in Edmonton, Alberta
  • The experiential learning of radio and its impact on society. The creation of a program by and for students and produced in the studios of  Radio Cité 97.9.