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Bibliothèque des Amériques- online library- pedagological and reading sheet

Centre de la francophonie des Amériques
2, côte de la Fabrique
Phone : 418 646-3300, poste 303


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In 2014, Le Centre de la francophonie des Amériques created Bibliothèque des Amériques, which presents thousands of French-language digital books to its members for free. Bibliothèque des Amériques is full of literary works that can be used for various activities of learning French in the classes of the Americas. In order to facilitate the planning of French as a mother tongue, second language or foreign language and to promote the various types of texts, the Library of the Americas presents a teaching zone. Intended for teachers of French primary and secondary, it offers a selection according to the literary quality of the work, its potential for educational use and its region. The French teaching skills of reading, writing, and oral communication are at the heart of the proposals made to teachers!

Reading Sheets:

Bibliothèque des Amériques provides teachers with three-step reading cards that provide a stimulating learning experience before reading, reading, and reading. Interactive reading is recommended in these reading sheets. They aim to track teachers to engender engagement and discussion during this class interaction while developing the four dimensions of reading: comprehension, interpretation, reaction, and critical judgment. A selection of works from different geographic areas of the Americas is offered to teachers in addition to suggesting a variety of text types. These reading cards aim at developing the written and oral skills in French of students from 6 to 18 years old.


Bibliothèque des Amériques is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Bibliothèque des Amériques is available at anytime.




Bibliothèque des Amériques

Created in 2014, Bibliothèque des Amériques is an initiative of the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques. It is accessible to its members for free, for example, from Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, the United States, Canada, etc. Free, unique and 100% Franco-America! Bibliothèque des Amériques provides free access to thousands of digital books of French-speaking authors from the Americas. Its unique offering is diversified and specialized. It stands out because it brings together, preserves and disseminates the Francophone or Francophone documentary heritage of the French-speaking communities of the Americas. Why use the Bibliothèque des Amériques. It allows you to read a digital book anytime, anywhere in the Americas. It offers a specialized and diversified collection for all categories of readers. It promotes French-language literary news to help you discover the works of the Francophonie of the Americas. It offers an exhilarating program and an educational zone to teachers to promote learning, the development of reading and writing French.


The reading sheets are available at the following link:

The books associated with these reading sheets are available at: