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Education and animation services with domestic and exotic animals for all grade level.

Éducazoo Inc.
1196, rue de l'express, Terrebonne, J6W 6K9
Phone : (514) 605-5543


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School year/Age

All our activities are adapted to the age of the students.

The content of our activities is developed by our team of biologists and teachers of the sanctuary. All of our themes focus on the learning progression guide in order to complete the teaching.

We have programs for each grade level:
- Preschool : Click here
- Primary School : Click here
- Secondary School : Click here
- School Daycare : Click here
- Extracurricular : Click here
- Daycare and Kindergartens : Click here
- University and professionnal training: also available and custom developed by our biologists.

heart Learning and having fun a key concept at the heart of our activities !


Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)


School subjects (secondary)

Off-campus Education
Career and Technology Studies

Teaching materials

Educational book for certain themes. Content via our complementary social networks.

Links with the curriculum

All of our themes focus on the learning progression guide of Quebec in order to complete and improve teaching.

- The living universe: characteristics of living things, organization of living things, transformation of living things, interactions between living organisms and their environment, energy source of living things, movement in animals, ecology, diversity of life, design and manufacture of an environment, diversity among the living, function of nutrition, nervous and musculoskeletal system and reproduction.

- Earth and space: weather systems and climate.

- Material universe: characteristic properties of terrestrial matter and waves.

See our programs by level grade : 
- Preschool : Click here
- Primary School : Click here
- Secondary School : Click here
- School Daycare : Click here
- Extracurricular : Click here


We take care of everything!

You simply have to have access to a media (computer, screen, etc.).


We are open 365 days a year :)

Call us to validate our availability !

Number of participants

In order to maintain the interaction, we recommend to keep groups of 15 to 25 students to allow our anturalist animator to interact during the presentation with the participants.


We adapt the duration of the presentation according to the age of the students, your schedule and your needs!

Our presentations can easily last from 30 to 90 minutes and it's possible to plan more than one meeting in order to vary the learnings and introduce you to several species and concepts.


1 hour presentation: $150 + tx
Every additionnal hour of animation are at : $130 + tx

In addition, it is possible to visit you several times with different themes!


Enjoy a memorable activity!

  • Get together : Get the students all together!
  • Fun : Our naturalist animator leads according to the age of the group.
    + Several exotic species
    + Interactive games
    + Dynamic animation 

  • Educational : An activity that joins the Learning Progression Guide.

  • Interactive : Our animators, supervised by experienced biologists, answer all your questions live !

    For more information about our educational services : Click here


  • Educate and increase awareness so that everyone acts responsibly towards animals.

  • Provide opportunities to come into contact with many different species of domestic and exotic animals in a safe environment.

  • Animal sancturay (shelter mission) for more than 600 exotic animals. 

    Opting for Educazoo is a way to promote animal welfare. Thank you for contributing to our heartfelt mission !

    Obtain your custom scenario and get a quote : Click here