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Estelle Farfadelle - Six interactive shows

Estelle Farfadelle

Phone : (450) 297-0672


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School year/Age

3 to 9 years old

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion

Teaching materials

Educational booklet


Set up : 90 min
Show : 50 min
Take down : 60 min


On request


Welcome to the imaginary world of Estelle Farfadelle!

The sparkling Estelle Farfadelle likes to dance and make the younger ones dance too. She invites the audience in her imaginary universe to live new adventures. Playful and dynamic, she stimulates the creativity of children and takes advantage of their overflowing energy.

She presents show for young audiences (3 to 9 years):

Pyramid Mission
Estelle Farfadelle's mission is to find the nose of the famous Sphinx. With the help of children, she sets out to discover the secret passages of the pyramids of Egypt, their well-tied mummies and the treasures of the pharaohs while taking care of the scorpions.

The Sariette Tests
The queen's crown was stolen. Children are invited on stage to find the crown with the help of enigmas and dances. This adventure takes them from medieval castles to the rooftops of the Wild West to the streets of New York.

A Page that Travels
Strangely, a page of a history book rips out to live new adventures. To find the page, Estelle Farfadelle asks for help to the small sorcerer's apprentices. Together, they sing and dance the magic recipe of Merlin the Enchanter, fly on dragon's back and become knights at King Arthur's Castle. But who has bewitched this page to gather this secret information?

The Lost Book
Disaster! The precious book of "Who, What, When, Where, Why" has disappeared. If we do not find it, all the books of the world will disappear forever. Estelle Farfadelle tells the story of her friend Souris Bouquine. She invites children who have become detectives to dance the rap of the cheese grater. A show filled with puns, laughter and smiles.

A Christmas without Santa Claus
Santa Claus is discouraged: his red clothes have become yellow, his reindeer has stripes and his sled no longer flies. He calls on Estelle Farfadelle and her wonderful ideas to help him.

Dance with Estelle Farfadelle
To celebrate a big party, Estelle Farfadelle prepares plenty of jumping ingredients to live a fun time. With a touch of madness and a smoothie, she dances the "Fruit Salad". With her small cooks, she launches the "Healthy Pizza" challenge. With lively and sunny music, she dances the "Zumba sports". A joyful and tasty show for our children filled with energy!