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Edmonton and area

School year/Age

Pre-k to grade 10.

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Physical education

School subjects (secondary)

Fine Arts
Off-campus Education
Physical education
Health and Life Skills

Links with the curriculum

Our programs contribute to the development of physical, social, emotional and artistic skills in young Francophones. They offer stimulating, hands-on learning opportunities, while encouraging an active lifestyle, a passion for sports (and soccer in particular) and artistic creativity.

- French :
Offer students the opportunity to practice French in a sports context. They can develop their language skills by using French to communicate with coaches and teammates. This exposes them to the language and reinforces their proficiency in French.

- Physical education:
Our French soccer programs develop physical skills such as coordination, agility, endurance and strength. Sessions promote good physical and mental health, as well as the development of technical skills.

- Social skills:
Offer students the opportunity to develop social skills such as communication, collaboration, conflict management and teamwork.
Foster leadership development on and off the field.

- Arts :
The SoccArt day camp enables youth to perform in soccer while awakening their artistic creativity through cultural workshops and artistic initiation in French.


Everything is provided by Edmonton Fusion FC.

Number of participants

From 10 to 20 participants. If more than 20 participants, support may be requested.


from 45 minutes to a full day.


From $65 for individual registrations. Please contact us for prices based on the program required.


Edmonton Fusion FC acts as a catalyser for soccer in French in Edmonton. Our " Notre Langue, Notre Force " label reconciles sports performance, social rapprochement, language practice and mutual support around a citizen and community project.
Since its creation in 2018, "Fusion" is proud to be the only soccer club in the city to offer quality soccer initiatives entirely in French. Our activities encourage young players to take pride in playing their favorite sport in French and to recognize the value of speaking the language of Molière with the values of soccer: fun, commitment, tolerance, respect and solidarity. We believe in the links and positive effects of soccer to "work the body and awaken the mind".
Each program is based on four pillars of player development: Psychological, Technical/Tactical, Physical and Social/Emotional.

Our programs :

- "Soccer in French" academy (year-round).
Based on the long-term player development program issued by the Canadian Soccer Association, we focus on fun games, physical education, and the development of soccer skills by playing with and without the ball. Our philosophy is to develop a passion for soccer and a love of the ball. Players have the opportunity to evolve in a team environment and develop social skills by interacting with new players.

- School activities. «Le Soccer c'est pour tout le monde.»
In partnership with the Fédération du sport francophone de l'Alberta, our instructors travel to Francophone and immersion schools to teach soccer and its rules. Since the start of this program, Edmonton Fusion FC has collaborated with a large number of schools in the Greater Edmonton area.

The «Le Soccer c'est pour tout le monde.» sessions enable :

  • improve students' technical skills
  • develop leadership skills on and off the pitch,
  • ensure good physical and mental health,
  • and have fun!

- SoccArt Day Camp: Combining sports training and cultural enrichment (Spring Break)
The SoccArt camp (Soccer + Art, for a close pronunciation of "soccer") gives French-speaking youngsters the chance to play soccer in their own language, while awakening their artistic creativity. In collaboration with Le Centre d'Art Visuel de l'Alberta, Francomusik, and the Centre de développement musical.
For part of the day, youngsters will benefit from soccer training based on four pillars of player development. The other part will be devoted to cultural workshops and artistic initiation to unleash the participants' creativity. A perfect way to keep them physically and intellectually active during a break period.
This unique camp allows participants to

increase opportunities for socializing and enrichment outside school,
reinforce social and sports skills
develop their cultural knowledge,
acquire new skills in various artistic fields,
develop self-esteem.