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In order to display your service on the free ACCENT directory, please fill out the form below. The information provided will be featured on your profile once it is posted. It is important to note that the forms will be reviewed and approved by the coordinator before your profile is posted online. ACCENT reserves the right to refuse services which do not meet the mission of the directory and/or that are not complete. The directory coordinator will contact you to confirm that your profile has been posted online in addition to following-up once a year to ensure that the information on your profile is still valid.

Are your services offered in French?

ACCENT can only display on its directory services that are available in FRENCH. If you wish to adapt your services for a French audience, we offer free training for service providers. Thanks for your interest!

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What is the language level required by participants?

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

What would be the title for your profile?

In which category would your profile fit best?

Extracurricular activities and courses
Events & Contests
Field trips & Exchanges
Early Childhood

What areas of Alberta do you serve?

Calgary and area
Edmonton and area

Which grades/ages are your services designed for?

If it's a resource for educators, please specify the grade being taught by educators.

Preschool (0-5 years old)
Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
Grade 1 (6-7 years old)
Grade 2 (7-8 years old)
Grade 3 (8-9 years old)
Grade 4 (9-10 years old)
Grade 5 (10-11 years old)
Grade 6 (11-12 years old)
Grade 7 (12-13 years old)
Grade 8 (13-14 years old)
Grade 9 (14-15 years old)
Grade 10 (15-16 years old)
Grade 11 (16-17 years old)
Grade 12 (17-18 years old)

What is the principal subject touched by your services?

What are the secondary subjects touched by your services (if there are any)?

Fine Arts
Career and Life Management
Knowledge and Employability
Off-campus Education
Physical education
Career and Technology Studies
Social studies
Aboriginal studies
Health and Life Skills

Do you offer teaching materials?



What are the outcomes by grade and subject of your service?

Please explain the links established by your service with the Alberta curriculum. If it's a resource for educators, please explain how it is useful for teachers.

Would you be interested in following Formation ACCENT, a training session intended for service providers? It aims to have a better understanding of the French culture and the different language levels of the students.


What are the requirements of your service?

ex. supervisors, equipment to provide, necessary knowledge

Is your service temporary or permanent?



What is the duration of your service?

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants required?

What are the costs associated with your service?

Please provide a description of your services so that the directory users can get a better idea if what you are offering.

This is your opportunity to sell your services!

Each profile includes a photo strip to provide a visual of your services to users. Please upload a main photo for your profile and more photos of your service "in action". If it's a resource, please provide a photo of your resource if you have any.

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