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Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Experience

Panthéon des sports canadiens

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This multimedia exhibit is a national education initiative designed for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and is available at no cost to teachers across Canada. This seven-year initiative was created by Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in collaboration with Indigenous Hall of Famers and countless Indigenous, sport, museum, and historical partners. The Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Experience is the first of its kind educational exhibit that shares the stories of the 14 Indigenous Hall of Famers. This initiative will bring awareness to the truths and experiences of these incredible Indigenous heroes, which in turn, prompts conversation about equity and inclusion, through the lens of sport, to ultimately foster a more informed, united, inclusive and stronger Canada. The digital book also includes chapters on the creation of the Tom Longboat Award, Tom Longboat Award Winners and Indigenous Games featuring the Arctic Winter Games, North American Indigenous Games, and the World Indigenous Games. Learn more at Indigenous Heroes - Home and explore the Education Hub by visiting Education Hub - ISHEE (