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Francolab Junior

TV5 Québec Canada
460 rue St-Paul Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 3V1
Phone : (514) 522-5322


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Francolab is a platform that offers French teachers rich audiovisual content that has Canadian cultural references. Teaching notes and interactive exercises make it easy to organize classroom activities related the videos. In addition to discovering aspects of the French-Canadian culture, Francolab is a great learning tool for developing different language skills in three difficulty levels.


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Developed by TV5 Québec Canada, Francolab is an educational platform for French teachers and learners. Whether in a context of immersion, francization, basic or intensive French, Francolab offers audiovisual and educational content closely linked to Canadian socio-cultural aspects. A variety of videos, interactive exercises and downloadable forms are available to facilitate learning and teaching French.

Francolab Junior provides elementary teachers with video content and activity sheets specifically designed for classroom use. In addition to enriching their vocabulary and developing a variety of language skills, young learners will easily identify with the situations presented, become familiar with authentic contexts of everyday life and discover different accents of the Canadian Francophonie.