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Fonofone - teaching sound creation

avenue de Gaspé, Montréal
Phone : 514-712-4686


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Kindergarten to Grade 12

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French as a First Language
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Fine Arts

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Fine Arts
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Fonofone is an intuitive & playful application where musical creation takes shape with the action of experimenting. The students develop thereby their skills of listening, leadership, teamwork, creativity, communication, ear and music theory. With the app, the teacher can offer music lessons but most of all, he can open the student's mind to an creative musical world where the possibilities are limitless : interdisciplinary projects in language studies (poetry, slam, oral presentation, etc.), drama (theater, puppetry, dramatic art, etc.), fine arts (sound accompaniment of visual works, sound sculpture, etc.) and much more ! The app adapts to your imagination! Fonofone Maestro offers to the teacher an assessment curriculum & modifiable activities sheets.


The Fonofone music app is available on iOS for iPad and iPhone and the application is available through AppStore. To install the application you must have the configuration corresponding to these platforms. During the lessons, according to each teaching style, you can also provide headphones for individual exploration or small speakers for a sharing in group. No prior knowledge is required. To prepare lessons you can use Fonofone Maestro who include an interactive teaching guide.

Number of participants

min: 1 | max: Usually 30 students for a teacher/trainer is the maximum.


Fonofone App: $8.49- Reduced price for group purchases $ 4.25

Fonofone Maestro license: teaching guide: $90 for 6 months or $150 for 1 year



 ”Entertaining, intuitive, and required no prior musical knowledge, the Fonofone music app lets children develop their creativity and with it, self-confidence, concentration, and abstract thinking skills. The app features an educational approach that we developed with the additional goal of reinforcing the ability to work collectively” Yves Daoust

The Fonofone music app for iPad is an app of sound creation with which your students will develop their musical imagination, their listening skills, and their concentration. With it, they will appropriate the musical bases, and musicality. The application has been conceived to favor the immediate and intuitive relationship with the sounds and the techniques of manipulation: in a few minutes of exploration, the user discovers and intuitively grasps the action of each tool and its effect on his created sound.

Fonofone is an instrument! By the touch screen, we transform the sound in real time by acting directly on each of the forms that represent each of the application's tools. Imagine and create in a group a musical track record inspired by a formal idea, a scenario (invented or imposed),  a text, a play, an emotion, a video…

Fonofone Maestro: The online teaching guide Fonofone Maestro is an educational resources package with the teaching resources and an assessment curriculum.

Fonofone Maestro help you to structure your teachings through games encouraging understanding, exploratory composition, video illustration, graphic sheet music and more! With the classroom organization tool, the teacher creates, download and upload activities for the group, share it and controls the creative session as the orchestra conductor, as the Maestro.

Sharing community: Fonofone music app is it also a sound creation sharing community between Fonofone members.

COSIMU is a Montreal non-profit organization working for 15 years to developing digital learning tools into sound creation. We offer intuitive and playful environments stimulating imagination and creativity. Active in school communities, we have given hundreds of workshops and visited dozens of educational and cultural institutions across the province of Quebec, participated in numerous socio-cultural events in Canada, the United States and Europe.

We have the objective to build a passionate and creative Fonofone community creating and learning with the Sound creation App who adapts to the needs of the users and evolve through their progressive and dynamic contributions.