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École en réseau

École en réseau
14, rue du Vieux-Chemin Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac Québec G0L 1E0


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École en réseau’s mission is to accompany school staff in developing a collaborative effort between different classes of the same school board or elsewhere in the world, in order to improve the students’ learning experience by using technology. This model dynamically uses networks as a new way to learn. It contributes to the deployment of new organizational practices for learning and for schools that are inscribed at the heart of 21st century skills that are expected by students according to UNESCO.


A computer with an internet connection.


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We create partnerships in order to release classes and enrich the learning environment where students and teachers interact and collaborate. Through the use of collaboration platforms that support oral and written discourse, students can be engaged in a process to improve ideas that lead to the deepening of learning and even the creation of new notions. In this context, interactions with peers, facilitated and encouraged by IT, plays a central role in the students’ learning. We bring specialized aid to appropriate the organizational model into students’ learning. The use of tools and of the collaboration platform offers a potentially infinite multitude of resources and experiences. The co-elaboration approach is a promising route to favour such learning. We contribute to the improvement of the students’ learning experience by using technology, because teaching and learning with technology brings out a positive contribution when such a practice is associated with a pedagogical aim.

  • Facilitating for classes
  • Paring and networking between actors
  • Planning and coordinating networking activities
  • Finding a variety of professional resources
  • Network based learning and co-elaboration of knowledge
  • Evaluations with the help of digital tools
  • Logistic support for the organization and activities between classes, school boards or elsewhere in the world
  • Support while introducing new teachers and staff to the model
  • Assistance for school boards in starting the system
  • Coordination and organization of transfers
  • Technological set up
  • Familiarization with platforms
  • Verification of links with school boards to ensure proper startup of the network
  • Technological support in case of problems