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Tell Me! A structured writing program for elementary student

Centre for Literacy
#100, 9797-45 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5V8
Phone : 780-434-3698


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Grades 1 to 6 (Levels 1 to 3)

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French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

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Teaching materials

A teacher’s kit with all the information required for using Tell Me!

Links with the curriculum

Writing challenges are not the exclusive domain of struggling students. Students, including those who are typically developing, do not automatically become great writers. Building a good (or great) writer is the culmination of explicit instruction and practice. This process includes providing tools and structures to support the emergent writer. Both a launch pad (to engender enthusiasm for the writing process) and a safety net (to help scaffold and support the writing process) are needed. 


All documents required to start using Tell Me! are available in an electronic file on a USB stick or in an electronic file that you can download from

A PDF reader is required to use Tell Me! documents.


We're availble to assist you 24/7 at


Teacher Kit Level #1 :$125

Teacher Kit Level #2 :$150

Teacher Kit Level #3 :$175

There are discounts if you buy more than one kit at the same time.


Tell me is a structured writing program that supports the development of the foundational writing and metacognitive skills of students from Grade1 to 6.

Each kit contains all the necessary materials to use the Tell Me! to approach descriptive, narrative, comparative and opinion writing. The materials in each kit vary by level, but each kit contains: 

  • images related to Alberta's curriculum
  • a student notebook with 12 structure questions to support vocabulary development & writing planning.
  • several graphic organizers
  • illustrated vocabulary cards and/or a student dictionary
  • a teacher's guide with instructions for kit preparation, sample lesson plans, and ideas to differentiate the lessons.

For more information contact us at